Cevo is an Argentinean artist and designer born in 1991. Raised in the heart of Buenos Aires, Cevo was surrounded by a thriving art ecosystem that held space for conventional art to coexist alongside the novelty of innovation. This inspired Cevo from an early age to find his own ways of creating which served as a productive outlet for a lot of excess energy that still is a core trait of Cevo’s personality. 

In 2018, after completing his bachelor in graphic design from the University of Buenos Aires whilst continuously developing his painting skills, Cevo decided it was time to leave Argentina for a new adventure. After traveling through Europe searching intriguingly for everything that seemed unfamiliar, he finally made Stockholm his base, a place that in many ways seemed to be the opposite to Argentina. Long and dark winters created space to isolate and find new places within himself to develop his art. 

Cevo’s contemporary art style portrays colorful explorations of what he has experienced through his life while always being on the lookout for what has never been. This fundamental starting point catapults Cevo towards creations of surrealistic imagery that plays with the understanding of reality, space and time. Cevo wants his art to correspond with his view of this earthly life, a constant journey into the unknown.
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